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Welcome to Paksé Hotel, south Laos

Laos has become for a few years a very valourable destination.

Far from typical images such as "white sand and coral sea", this country has stayed apart from the frenetic steps to modernity of its neighbours.
Today, Laos is still a country of preserved traditions, hosting many different ethnic minorities and cultures. It shows numerous waterfalls and rivers, beautiful landscapes with primary forests inhabited by a wild life that attracts scientists from the whole planet. 
Laos also keeps a permanent link to history and recent French presence, by preserving as much as possible the remaining colonial architecture in many cities.
The most famous destination remains Luang Prabang and its wonderful temples (World Heritage Sites of the UNESCO since 1995).
Then comes the Plain of Jars, that welcomes more and more visitors every year. And the new raising destination : the south.

During a trip in solo or in group, with friends or relatives, many different sites should be visited : 

 - the temple of Wat Phou, ancestor of Angkor (World Heritage Site since 2001), 
 - the fortress-temple of Phou Assa, to which you get by elephant riding or trekking,
 - the Boloven Plateau, production site of the Lao coffee and tea, fruits and vegetable, hosting more than 
   20 ethnic minorities in somptuous landscapes of tropical jungle,
 - the silk weaving villages,
 - the Buddha statues stone carvers’ village,
 - the wood carvers, following an old Oceanian tradition and culture from their ancestors,
 - the 4.000 islands and the well-known Khone Phapheng waterfall,
 - and plenty other local destinations, some of them being naturally attractive, the others from man’s hand.

Means of communication and transportation are now quite reliable, main roads are in good condition and connections by plane to domestic and international destinations in rising number.
We will be delighted to welcome you and to help you organizing wonderful holidays in this area that shows multiple charms.

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