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Inthira Champasak Hotel is an exclusive, international standard property with stunning guest rooms and unique duplex suites all surrounded by a tranquil garden and warm, inviting atmosphere. Located in the very centre of Champasak town, you can't miss this property at night with the stunning lighting and aroma of international cuisine at the open restaurant.

Inthira Champasak Hotel was originally built as a traditional Chinese shop house at the beginning of the last century. Completely renovated to a modern hotel, whilst preserving the historiacal architecture, has resutled in a beautiful and unique property with quality guest rooms, an open terrace and balcony restaurant, all with stylish designs and decor.

Located on the peacefully quiet, main street in Champasak, this sleepy, rural town offers stunning views of the Mekong River and limestone karst formations amidst rice paddles and water buffalo iwth the famous UNESCO World Heritage Listed Wat Phou just down the road. Inthira Champasak Hotel is a quality and stunning place to stay whilst in the area.

Guests have a choice of long and spacious Lao-style houses or two-story unique duplex suites, all offering attention to detail, luxury and the ultimate in comfort.

Inthira Champasak Hotel has some of the finest dining in Champasak town with an international bar and restaurant serving an excellent range of local and international cuisine as well as a good range of wines and cocktails.

Guests and visitors can dine upstairs or down, on the open terrace, balcony or inside depending on their taste. All areas are full of ambiance with the street front seating allowing for people to watching on the quiet main street of Champasak.

Inthira chefs can also cook pizza to enjoy in the restaurant or to take-out and enjoy in your guest room.

Inthira Champasak Hotel is located in Ban Wat Award of Champasak town meaning it is closest to Wat Amard Temple, Just 2km from ferry landing and 8km from Wat Phou, Inthira Hotel is situated not far past the District Office and Bank when coming from the ferrry and heading towards Wat Phou.

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