Southern Laos is full of beauty and natural wonder, even after surviving 9 years of bombing from US

During war. The people from Laos are friendly and we were happy to have spent a whole month just in Southern Laos. Here are famous places where we visited…


This cave is the biggest and prominent cave in Laos and of course you need to add this place in your tour activity. It was our favorite adventure tour activity during our trip in Southern Laos. The mountains and landscape are breathtaking and cave itself is a ride you have never been before. Take a motorbike and start your journey by yourself if you are alone. But if you’re a couple then you can join with group


I advise to skip the big loop and doing the smaller loop of Bolaven Plateau(but if you have a motorbike journey then discuss with guide to Bolaven Plateau)and start your way straight to Tad Lo and Paksong for visiting wonderful waterfalls. Tad lo has a charming of nature, wildlife and and you can enjoy here few days as you want.. The journey to Paksong is a beautiful one and worth visiting it if you love waterfalls, jungle and coffee garden,(This is Laos coffee capital also). This trip would be much better if you will do with motorbike (you can get motorbike rental in Pakse and tad Lo


This quiet and sleepy town is a great escape if you want to get away from people. Along the Mekong River you can find many relaxing guesthouse to spend your afternoon and taking decision of whether you should enjoy the stunning landscape of mountains or taking relaxing breath near riverside. You can also cross the river and spend a night or you can explore the island of Don Daeing for an even more remote, quite place to take rest. You must also see WatPhu which is the main attraction in Champasak and Khmer temple Angkor Wat


After visiting WatPhu, you can move down on the way to 4000 island (Lao name is Si Phan Don). This is paradise of greenery, full of natural beauty and many more heart touching attraction including makong Dolphins, The biggest waterfalls in Southeast Asia by the name of KhonPhapheng,

Liphi and Tad phasoum small waterfalls.4000 island is the paradise of backpackers. The most famous 2 islands are connected with each other by old French bridge (Don Det and Don Khonisland).

The best place to spend a week and enjoy island life and party with other backpackers. You can rent a bicycle and explore the island village life and you can join also some famous tour activity like Full day kayaking, sun set and fishing tour.

Our goal with this post was to help you choose what you would like to see in Southern Laos to get the most out of your trip. Think we missed something; let us know in the comments box below for the next time.

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