Money Exchange

Bank ATM

  • For Travelling to Pakse city & 4000 Island below some important giudelines for money exchange,ATM, Moneygram,Western union and money related matters
  • From both of our office, money can be exchange mentioned currency here.
  • In pakse city, From bank you can tranfser, receive money and use ATM.
  • In case of emergency, money can be withdrawn from our FTS machine with bank charge.
  • When will be moved from Pakse city to 4000 island, all companies car will be stopped near ATM.
    At Nakasang local bus station or nearby area, Cash can be withdrawn from here. because, in any island there is no real bank ATM but you can get money from FTS with bank charge.
  • Near Nakasang bus station,2 banks and ATM availabe,can transfer,reveive money worldwide.
  • Both of our offices, receive card payment with extra 3% bank charges for buying our services.

Money Exchange

with green sign, you can exchange

with red sign, you can’t exchange

( CAD )( LAK )
( CNY )
( EURO )
( BGD )
( JYP )
( AUS )
( SWIZ )
( THB )
( VND )
( USD )